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User manual for placing orders in

First of all, we type the following address in the browser of our choice:
You will be welcomed by the following page:

As we can see we have various choices for browsing the page. The first thing we must do is to begin our registration, so we will be recognized automatically every time we visit the page. All we have to do to begin is press the button labeled “Sign in” in the top left corner.

Image 1: First page of

As we can see in image 2, we have many options for registering with In case where you have already registered, all you have to do is enter the credentials you used when you first created your account.
So, when you click “Sign in” you have the option to make your registration through social media, like Facebook and Google+. You will enter the credentials you use to login in one of the two options (Facebook or Google+) and your phone number to complete your registration through these social media sites.

Image 2: New user popup

If you want to create a new user account without using Facebook or Google+, you will click on the button “register” under the “I am a new user” dialog. You will see the following page where you will be asked to enter some basic information to be able to complete your registration.

Image 3: New user menu

The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory to complete your registration. You enter your personal information as desired. You will also have to enter a valid mobile number because in that number you will receive through SMS the code to complete your registration. Also, be aware that in order to enter a valid password, it will have to be at least 6 characters long and to have at least a number, a capital and a lowercase letter. In case you wish to receive our newsletter please check the button next to “I want to subscribe to the newsletter”. When you make sure that all your info is correct, click on the “register” button to complete the process.

Image 4: New user information input

When we press “register” the page will give a welcome message, confirming our registration. It will redirect us to the main page and the first thing we will notice is that there is no longer a “Sign in” button. It has been replaced with the name we provided when we made our registration. We will also notice that next to our name is a red question mark to remind us that we have not yet confirmed our account. To do so, we go to the menu that is shown when we hover our mouse cursor over our name, and click on “Confirm account”. A new dialog will be shown that contains our mobile number (if this not the case we will have to enter it ourselves) and the choices “I already have a code” and “Send code”.

During our registration, if we had given our mobile number, a new SMS should already have been delivered to our phone from CIDelivery, welcoming us to the page. In this SMS is the code we will have to enter by pressing on the button “I already have a code” and then “confirm” to complete our registration. In case that we have not yet received the SMS from CIDelivery, we can press “resend” to enable the process again. When we complete these steps, the page will reload and we will notice that there is no longer a question mark next to our name, declaring that we are able to make our first order.

The process of resending the SMS to complete our registration can be repeated up to three times. If you are not successful to complete the registration through the SMS process, please contact our Helpdesk line in following number, +302106241850.

Image 5: New user has not confirmed his account
Image 6: New user confirmation popup

Once we make sure that our account confirmation is completed, we can begin to make our first order.
As we can see on image 7, we will need three simple steps to make our order and enjoy the beverage of our choice. If we press on the orange button in the middle of the screen, we allow the page to find our location and by doing so to be able to show us the store which is closest to us. Otherwise, we can enter ourselves the address of our location and then let the page show the store that we can use to make our order. When we have user either way to confirm our location and the store that we service us, we will have to choose one the following to make our order: takeaway or delivery. If we choose delivery it will be asked by the page to confirm our address to make sure that our order will be delivered correctly.

Image 7: User has completed the registration

When we make sure that all our information is correct, we click on the button “the address is correct” and we are redirected to the store that will take our order.

Image 8: Address confirmation

On the above image (image 9) we see the details of the store that will service our order.

Image 9: The store that will take our order

In case that your order is a takeaway order (meaning that you choose to go to the store and pick up the order yourself), the page will first display a map showing us the way to get to the store from our location, along with some information such as the estimated walking time to the store. When we make sure that the store is the one that is the most convenient for us, we click on the button “takeaway from here” and we are redirected to the page where we can place our order

Image 10: Takeaway option

Now, we are ready to make our order. On the left side menu, we have our main options, the place to start to enjoy our beverage.

Image 11: Beginning our new order

When we click on a basic category of products, we see a new submenu that allow to choose our beverage of choice. These submenus change depending on the category we first clicked on. So, for example, if we click on “Espresso based” we will see a new submenu with the options for “Hot” or “On the rocks” beverages. Depending where we click next (Hot or On the rocks), the page will scroll to show us the options available for that beverage.

Image 12: Espresso based on the rocks beverages

When we choose the beverage we want, we can click on the plus sign (+) next to it to open a new menu allowing us to customize our order even more.
As you can see, we make any choice we want regarding our personal taste to the beverage of our choice. We can choose what blend to use, if we want to add sugar and even write whatever we want in the Special instructions section to help the barista to make the perfect beverage for us. When we are content with our order we can add more of the same beverage by pressing the plus sign (+) on the buttons next to the “Add” section, or remove them by pressing the minus sign (-). When we finally press the “Add” button, we will be informed by a new popup that our order has been added to our basket. We will notice that our basket (top right corner of the page) has a new icon informing us about the number of the orders we have made so far.

Image 13: Customization options

Now that we have at least one item in our basket, we can continue to add more according to our order. We can make the same steps as described above and when we are ready to add everything we need to the basket.
When we are satisfied with our order, we can press the button “order” or we can press on the basket icon to review our order once more and then press on “order”.

Image 14: New order has been placed

If our order is to be delivered we will be asked to enter some useful information so that we will no problems with it, such as the floor that we are in. Then we may choose the way of payment and after that we press on “complete order” to finalize it.

Image 15: Ready to finalize our order

Then the page will inform us about the estimated time for our order to be delivered and that our order is being processed.

Image 16: Estimated time for delivery

In case your order is a takeaway order, the only difference that you will notice is that at the completion of your order you will be presented with a map to help you to better locate the store from which you will take your order.

Image 17: Estimated time for takeaway order

Another way to make our order and also see all the products in one place, is from the main menu, under “Menu” and then click on “Coffee Shop”. If we hover our cursor over “Menu” new options will be available showing us the main categories of the products that we can purchase.

Image 18: Main menu showing all products

As we can see, we can easily find the price of an item that we are interested in and we can add it to our basket without faving to leave this page.

Image 19: Coffee shop items sample

When we click on the menu “Stores” on the main menu, we will be redirected to a page with a map showing us all the available stores of Coffee Island. From here we can either enter our address and let the page direct us to the nearest store, or we can use the map by zooming on it and find the store that we want to be serviced from. Just be aware that through this menu the only option to make our order is takeaway. Delivery is not available through this menu option.

Image 20: Choose the store you want through the map

From the moment you have made a successful login to our page, you will notice that by hovering your cursor over your name in the top left corner, new options are availble.
If we click on the menu “My account” we will see all the information we gave when we first made our registration. From here we can make adjustments to our personal info, change our mobile number and also change our password for the page. To make any changes permanenon “Save” to the bottom of the screen. Be aware that if you change your mobile number you will have to activate once more your account via SMS message like the first time you registered for the page.

Image 21: User's personal menu

From the submenu “My orders” you can easily see all the orders you have made in the past. So, this is an easy way to make the exact same order you have made in the past, without having to go through the main menu to repeat your order. By pressing on the button “I want the same” you can execute the same order, so if there is an order that you make often, you can save time by ordering it again just with the press of a button.

Image 22: My orders

Also, by pressing on the code number which is located under the column “Order number” you can view the order info so you can remember easily the order you have made.

Image 23: Order info

In the submenu “My addresses” you can see the addresses you have already used to make an order. We can add or delete an address from this menu so you can have only the addresses you use more often for your convenience.

Image 24: My stored addresses

Finally, from the submenu “Sign out”, you can logout from the page so that your password is not stored after you leave the page. When you want to make a new order, you will have to enter your credentials to login once more to the page and to be able to make orders.

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