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Training centre

The Coffee Campus organization has 4 centers in Patras, Athens, Thessaloniki and Nicosia. Our education centers are certified Lifelong Learning Centers and certified SCA Premier Training Campuses by the global organization that promotes SCA quality coffee. Coffee campus instructors are trained in both training and practical coffee experience. The Coffee Campus team includes 6 Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs), who hold the highest distinction in coffee and 3 Q graders.


Investing in Knowledge and Innovation is one of the values in Coffee Island. Thus, we have set up a research and development laboratory around coffee at our headquarters in Patras. The workshop has the following facilities:

Raw coffee grading (Grading): A room equipped with the necessary tools (hygrometer, coffee sieves, defective grain patterns, etc.) where the raw coffee samples are checked before being taken to the Production Unit or to the Sample Roaster for roasting.

Sample Roaster (coffee roasting): A place where the raw coffee samples that come from all over the edge of the earth "dance" rhythmically on the drum of a Coffee Tech FZ-94, releasing their richest secrets and aromas. A Neotec trusted chromatograph is necessary to understand and document the degree of roasting that each profile gives us.

Espresso & Brew Bar: Two espresso machines are always ready to convert - with the use of filtered water - the ground coffee beans to the world's most famous coffee beverage, an espresso. At the same time, all the possible coffee filter extraction methods can be found in the brew bar by using the appropriate utility (Hario Dripper, Hario Syphon, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press, etc.). All beverages are subjected to a brewing chart (espresso or filter) using appropriate devices (refractometer, etc.) and the results are counted in the following tasting test. Finally, all the tests that have to do with the water quality and the impact it can have on the taste profile of each drink are made here.

Cupping Room: SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) specially designed this space for tasting roasted coffees by various methods (espresso, brewed, Brazilian) as well as extracts of teas. Here the intensity of light, humidity and temperature, as well as odors in the air are controlled so that they do not affect our judgment in organoleptic evaluation.

Processing coffee

The discovery of coffee secrets requires effort, passion, perseverance, investment in technology, know-how, skilled staff, vision and above all love for coffee specialty. Coffee Island has two state-of-the-art processing and packing facilities in the Patras area. Investing in state-of-the-art mechanical equipment enables the company to ensure its quality in the context of the increase in production resulting from the increase in sales per store and from the continuous expansion of its network.

The processing plants have five coffee roasting machines as well as green and roasted coffee storage silos. Seven different packing lines operate on packing units, always focusing on maintaining quality and meeting the needs of the consumer. All units are certified to the ISO22000 standard for food safety management. The units are supported by a specialized maintenance department and their daily every day operation is supervised by the Quality Control and Quality Assurance Department of the company.

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