After you successfully login to our page, enter your home address and you will be redirected to the store that will take your order.

Since you have found through our page the store that will service your order, begin your new order from the menu on the left side. In case you need to add another beverage, repeat the above procedure. You can customize your order however you wish by checking the available options when you select your beverage.
When you are satisfied with your order, click on Complete Order to add it to the basket for processing.

When you choose delivery, your order is delivered to your place from our nearest store. When you choose takeaway, you have the option to go and take your order either from our nearest store or from any other store you may choose according to your convenience.

When you complete your order, the estimated time of arrival is shown on your screen. Furthermore, you will receive an email confirming your order and the time of the arrival of your order. Please consider small variations in rush hours.

You will have to call our Helpdesk line and your cancelation will be processed. The number of our Helpdesk is 210 6241850.

You will receive an e-mail upon completing your order. If for any reason the store cannot process your order or part of it, you will be informed by a new e-mail, informing you about the status of your order.
Please also consider checking your spam folder in your e-mail client when you expect a confirmation e-mail from coffeeisland eshop.

No, there is no extra charge. The price list of the store the you made your order from, is in effect.

No, you do not need a credit or a debit card. You can pay cash when your order is delivered.

For any extra information regarding the functionality of our page please call our Help Desk phone line: 210 6241850.

T +357 70077070
T +357 70077070
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