At Coffee Island we believe in family, dedication, personal care and development, merits that express out respect for the world we live in. This is why, we always seek for a new coffee that comes from a small family farm and together we discover a new exceptional story that makes its flavour more than unique.

The NICARAGUA NUEVA SEGOVIA is such a coffee and it was just added to the Micfrofarm Project Family to offer a tasteful experience making our everyday habit seem like a delightful journey to the most distant countries of the world. There, in the land of Nicaragua we were enchanted by this mutli- award winning farm in Buenos Aires that rightfully stands out.

Olman Valladárez, has quit the law practice to take over the family farm of coffee cultivation, a tradition that counts more than 60 years, evolving the production procedures through sustainable, environment and human friendly methods. During the past 20 years, this small farm located in the Nueva Segovia area, Northwest of the country known as «the land of lakes and volcanos» offers specialty varieties and each one follows a fermentation method ensuring the stability of its aromatic profile.

Our new Microfarm Project features the Maracaturra variety with the large, water washed beans.

A specialty 100% Arabica coffee, medium roasted by our experts that brings notes of honey, lemon flower and cocoa in each cup. Ideal for an aromatic espresso or a filter coffee with rich flavour, the NICARAGUA NUEVA SEGOVIA tells another coffee story starring everyday people, who are passionate to offer what they know best.

This is the passion we share with them, staying true to our values, as we explore new single estates worth tasting. The love for our planet, the sustainability and the support of small scale κproducers, inspire us to offer all coffee lovers, new experiences concerning not only taste, but a whole culture that makes us stand out.