The search for a new taste in coffee every time is an experience that once you get to know it, it is hard to do without. It is that new taste that turns a daily habit into a pleasure which takes you to a different part of the world every time. This is where everything starts from nature and ends up in your coffee cup.

At Coffee Island we are true explorers of coffee and we are constantly discovering new special varieties that will delight you. The Single Estates collection is expanding with Brazil Alta Mogiana which we proudly present to all coffee lovers!

We have come a long way in order to bring this unique coffee taste to our Espresso Bar and Coffee Roastery. We traveled to the south-east of Brazil, we crossed plains and mountains and ended up in the Alta Mogiana region, in the state of Sao Paulo. There, coffee production is a whole tradition based on natural conditions, ideal for the cultivation of the precious beans. The altitude reaching 1000 meters, rainfall and of course quality soil are enough to ensure the aromatic and taste profile of our new Specialty Coffee.

The care provided by the environment in this region is complemented by the natural, dry processing that the coffee beans go through and is completed with our own medium – dark roasting that highlights all the aromas and the flavour characteristics of Brazil Alta Mogiana. In its aromatic profile you will find chocolate, nuts and raisins to enjoy a completely different experience. After all, what would be the point of a daily habit if every now and then it didn’t take a different twist just to remind you that every coffee has its own story?

In the history of Brazil Alta Mogiana, nature has the first say in a region that is world-renowned for its exceptional 100% Specialty Arabica beans with their rich body, balanced acidity and wonderful natural sweetness. These beans as a piece of a distant place come to all Coffee Island stores and My Coffee Island APP+WEB to enjoy them in your favourite drink from the Espresso Bar or at home through the 200gr packs you will find in our Coffee Bar. This coffee is ideal for espresso or filter coffee, thanks to its omni- roasting (ask our baristas for the right grind size). Brazil Alta Mogiana is our new tasty discovery and we share it with you.