Even if you’ve never been a fan of Christmas holidays and the Christmas season has always been a “black hole” in your calendar, something has changed this year and denial has given way to anticipation. Because this year comes after last year and in this particular case the saying “Every last year was better than this year” doesn’t apply at all. In case you don ‘t remember (although these moments cannot be forgotten) we barely realized how last Christmas passed and although the Christmas spirit made a big effort to find its place among us, like every year, the pandemic has changed the game and now the score is: Covid  1 – 0  Christmas.

The facts: the misunderstanding that makes you think that everything is as you know it is, until the unexpected happens and you realize that when you have something, you have to savour it for what it’s worth. That’s why this year you’ll enjoy Christmas like never before. Just like when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait for December to come in with its festive colours. Santa Claus exists. Forget what you were told when you finished primary school. He brings gifts even to naughty children who eventually become adults and forget that fairytales are what make us smile.

This Christmas you will smile broadly. You will put up Xmas decorations without worrying about kitsch and overindulgence. You will decorate until there is no more room for more lights and balls on the tree, until the glitter covers everything, until the festive atmosphere takes over your space and your mood. You will make cakes your mother used to make and you will remember when you used to help sprinkle the Greek butter cookies (kourabies), filling the kitchen with powdered sugar. You will enjoy Christmas honey cookies (melomakarona) and diples (Greek pastry with honey and walnuts) without a second thought and you will not say no to treats.

You will light the fireplace and hang Christmas stockings. You will make cookies of all kinds to go with your warm coffee on Christmas mornings, and you will finally try that gingerbread recipe you’ve never had time to make until now. And of course, you will create your own new year’s cake (vasilopita) to cut at the family gathering on New Year’s Eve. And you won’t be disappointed if any of it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, because Christmas cakes are made to spread their aromas around the house. To make the room smell of cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg.

You will give gifts to your loved ones. A shopping trip is a tradition in itself that fills you with joy – only joy, no stress please – and this time you’ll enjoy it as much as you can. Christmas changes the city, but it also fills the home. You’ll invite friends over to the house for board games and coffee or hot chocolate from Coffee Island’s Coffee Shop. You will organize family gatherings – you will even invite that cousin you didn’t like when you were kids – because as we said, things are different this year, and this year you’ll celebrate not just for one, but for two years. You’ll remember Rudolph the reindeer with a bright heart and sing as many Christmas songs as you can, on repeat. From Christmas Eve to Jingle Bells, and from Christmas Day to Last Christmas cover by Florence and the Machine. Additionally, you will sing carols. Who says this tradition isn’t for grown-ups? You’ll pick up your musical triangle from your childhood years and you will open the door to the little ones while singing along.

The most beautiful time of the year is the one that brings joy and Christmas brings joy, gifts and surprises. The experts at Coffee Island – you could call them something like Santa’s helpers in their coffee lover version – are preparing many festive surprises that you will discover in the coming days. Your favourite beverages become festive, with whipped cream, colourful sprinkles and glitter to accompany the coffee or hot chocolate you enjoy while gazing at the city in its Christmas attire. Jingle Latte and Jingle Chocolate are waiting for you at the Espresso Bar to warm you up with their taste and lure you with their aroma in a highly festive atmosphere.

The true magic of Christmas is everywhere. You just need to discover it. And when you discover it, you will close your eyes to embrace with your whole being taste, aromas and the joy that Christmas brings. Christmas does not grow up with you. Instead, it invites you to become a child again.