The 24th Microfarm Project coffee just arrived at our Coffee Grindery and we’ve decided to celebrate it with some of our real stories and images from this magical coffee discovery!


Tanzania Acacia got its name from the homonymous farm and it is an artisan roasted, limited edition coffee! Acacia Hills Farm is located on the edge of Ngorongoro, the largest volcanic crater in the world. The Acacia Hills farm is one of the most unique coffee estates in the world, with natural wealth.


Its name it was given from Tanzania, which is located just below Burundi, where we made our last microfarm trip.


The famous crater Ngorongoro appeared after the collapse of a large volcano about 2.5 million years ago.

The area is known for its wildlife full of wild animals, which hosts during their migration. Next to the Ngorongoro crater you can see packs of zebras, lions, elephants and white rhinos.

Our coffee explorers, travelled to the depths of Tanzania and were enchanted by the exotic natural landscapes that surrounded them and the coffee variety that was cultivated at about 1850M above the sea.


That’s where they discovered our new 100% Specialty Arabica variety, Tanzania Acacia! They’ve collected the rare coffee beans of this Microfarm project, which we roasted in our facilities in Greece for the lovers of specialty coffee, to enjoy.


Its coffee bean process method is the wet method, with roasting of Medium-to-Dark, in order to highlight its particularly delicious scents!


The notes of Lavender, Grape, Lychee and Mint create the unique and complex combination that you will want to taste over and over again.


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