What do we eagerly await right after the Christmas holidays? The Winter Sales, of course! Finally, everything on your wish list can be yours, without having to spend a fortune. Whether you’re looking to get out of the house, or you are on your laptop with 1000 tabs open from different shops, you’re ready to get excited about shopping.

A woman holding her coffee island cup.

I shop, therefore I am.

In the movie “Confessions of a shopaholic” we saw talent is vital in becoming a good shopper. And when is the right time to “make your move”? During the Sales, obviously! Enjoy a different kind of window-shopping, from the safety of your home, where no one can grab a bag from your hands and claim “I saw it first!”. 

A woman, while speaking on her cellphone, holds two coffee island cups.

Are you more of a traditional type of shopper? Strolling from shop to shop, while carrying 10 shopping bags in each hand, holding a paper cup full of hot coffee, and, walking next to your BFF who stops at every single shop window? If that sounds like you, the sales period is when you will carry twice as many bags in each hand. 

A man and a woman under their umbrella holding their coffee island reusable cups.

The feeling of giving

Nothing is more valuable than the people we love and who love us back. How do we show them gratitude? With a hug, a kiss, a gift that we know they’ve wanted for a long time, but couldn’t afford! Now is the time to get them a nice and expensive gift! The Sales are your chance to give them something they will really appreciate.

A woman unpacking in front of her friends coffee island's Kaffee Form.

On the other hand, you can offer them something that is a beloved part of their daily routine. Their favorite coffee and a go cup for work, are the small but precious gifts that will help brighten their days.

A woman sitting at a Coffee Island store, while enjoying her coffee with a reusable cup.

Even shopping requires brainstorming

If your pockets are empty after Christmas, then you need a solid plan and good advice to help you to make your purchase selections.

Make a shopping list of all the things you want and take advantage of the sales. Until the end of February, it’s your chance to buy at discount prices. From electronics and gadgets to clothes and home equipment, or even food products, everything can be yours for a better price.

Set your priorities straight, check your budget and do your research, to help you choose what you need the most at the best price. It’s all about careful planning!

A group of friends gathered in a coffee island shop drinking coffee.

Everyone talks about sales!

Wherever you go, from the office to the supermarket and the gym, everyone talks about what they’re going to buy or what they’ve…already bought! Are you at work and watching your co-workers online as they are stuffing their “shopping baskets”?

Coffee Island's capsules.

Make yourself a cup of coffee, take a seat, visit your favorite shops’ websites and…we won’t say a word to your boss. This is the workers’ oath of silence! Sit next to a friend or a colleague, have a coffee and a snack, shop together and also place your orders together to save on shipping costs. You have a plan.

Two people at a Coffee Island store drinking coffee and eating healthy bars.

At Coffee Island you will find…

Your daily life at advantageous prices! What does this mean? It means that your coffee or the drink you love, along with the right equipment to help you prepare it at home, is now available at a great offer.

A man enjoying Ethiopia Kutigenge Microfarm coffee.

First opportunity: The week of 3-9/2. February storms into our shops with reward points for every purchase of Microfarm Ethiopia Kutigenge! By ordering Ethiopia Kutigenge coffee from our website or the My Coffee Island App you can take advantage of all the gifts, offers and sales available from our online rewards program. Win +50 My Rewards points with every order and “color” our coffee flower!

Coffee island stuff showing an

Second chance? St. Valentine’s Day. Cups and Home Barista equipment can definitely be yours, since we offer all the essential tools to prepare and enjoy your favorite beverage at home for yourself or for your special someone. 

A new Coffee Island mug.

Don’t forget

Stay tuned to take advantage of every single one of our offers! Because we always find the right time to tempt you with tailor-made offers. We’ve been there on Black Friday and on Blue Monday, and now we will most definitely, be there on the most romantic day of the year, St. Valentine’s Day. Get ready to join us and share the love!