During Lent, we are by your side. The closer Easter gets, the more you consider fasting to “detox “ from meat. It can be hard. You want to indulge your desire for morning coffee, satisfy your appetite with a full meal and get a boost from a quick snack. Is it really that easy while fasting?

A man pouring coffee

At Coffee Island, Fasting is Easy!

You can fast at any time- Not only at Easter. It is possible to fast during the summer and when you decide to go Vegan. At Coffee Island you have two choices: try new, unique flavors or keep enjoying your all-time favorites but… with a slight change.

Three cups of cappuccino coffee.

Here, you have options!

Satisfy your desire with a click, Coffee Island has it all.

 Morning coffee? Check! 12:00 snack? Check! Afternoon chilling? Check! While fasting? This is definitely a big check!

Φλογέρα ολικής αλέσεως με λαχανικά.

Don’t abstain from quality

Feeling hungry? Do you have a sudden craving? Are you also fasting? Indulge the right way by visiting coffee island.gr or use the MyCoffeeIsland app.

Φλογέρα με πατάτα.

If you have a sweet tooth, choose praline round sesame bread. If you prefer savory, choose between the potato roll or the vegetable whole-grain roll. Both are equally healthy and delicious!

Vegetable whole-grain roll

Whatever you crave for your fasting snack or fasting beverage, we have you covered.

A woman enjoying her Coffee Island coffee.

For Believers…Coffee Lovers

As Easter approaches, apart from meat, you begin to remove eggs, oil and dairy from your diet. This doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself. Add soy milk, to your usual favorites.

Coffee Island mug

Not just Freddo Espresso, but for every beverage with milk. Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, Macchiato, Freddo Cappuccino and Iced Latte can all be transformed into fasting-appropriate, delicious beverages.

A woman drinking Coffee Island hot chocolate.

And… from 6/4 a new delicacy awaits you!

Your Freddo Cappuccino becomes more refreshing, more vegan and lighter! Replace the foam milk with the new Coffee Island plant-based alternative and enjoy all the taste of your beverage with 31.3% fewer calories.

Coffee Island's Freddy cappuccino.

Are you fasting, vegan, calorie-restricting or lactose-intolerant? Or maybe you are just flavor-curious? Coffee Island is the choice for you.

Of course, you can also enjoy your hot or cold chocolate the same “fasting” way! At Coffee Island you never run out of options. 

And don’t forget…

Our online baristi are always available to help you make the best snack or beverage choice while you fast!