Christmas is the most special holiday of the year! Why can’t it have its own special blend? For all of you who are either working on New Year’s Eve or want your own special flavor at Christmas, we’ve created Jingle Blend! The ultimate X-MAS coffee belongs in every holiday cup and at every Christmas gathering. Won’t you try it?

Woman happily holding Coffee Island's Christmas Santa Claus cup

In a warm holiday mood

That’s how we feel when we’re holding a hot mug full of X-MAS coffee. Instead of requesting Master Blend, just ask for…Jingle Blend! Taste the explosion of Christmas warmth, brilliance, and even snowflakes, it’s all in our Christmas specialty blend!

Coffee Island's Jingle Blend packaging

With a flavor profile of…melomakarono

Honestly, the flavor profile of our Jingle Blend is Honey – Nutmeg – Hazelnut. That’s why its aroma reminds you of melomakarono. Jingle Blend is 100% Arabica and comes all the way from Brazil and Guatemala just to fill your Christmas with Yuletide aroma.

Coffee Island's Christmas cold coffee

Coffee Island's Christmas HOHOHO cup

Just say Jingle Blend!

Do you enjoy your freddo even in the depths of winter, or do you choose the traditional hot drinks like espresso, cappuccino and filter coffee? Whatever you fancy…flavor it with the magic of Christmas. Jingle Blend adds that holiday touch to your daily coffee routine and reminds you of everything that makes Christmas magical. Special moments with all the people you love… Christmas carols you sing with your friends and your open door as you welcome the carolers to your home… your anticipation as you taste your mum’s melomakarona…

….The beautifully wrapped boxes under the tree and the rushing about to complete your Christmas shopping only to come  home and snuggle in front of the fireplace.

Coffee Island's research and Development department

And anything else that Christmas means to you today, along with the memories you bring from yesterday and all that you hope for tomorrow. Feel the magic of the holidays and feel special, because you are!

Coffee Island's Christmas gift box

And don’t forget…

You can enjoy Jingle Blend at home, as well. Taste it at the espresso bar until 7/1 and bring home some magical  X-MAS coffee from our Coffee Grindery. You can even choose a special gift box for whomever you think would love some holiday coffee.  This special season, give yourself and your loved ones the chance to wake up to the aroma of Christmas all around your home!