This Gift Box is full of aroma, coffee, chocolate and Christmas! It brings memories of holiday moments, full of joy, fun, colors and flavors! Why is it a good idea to offer your loved ones their favorite drink? Every time they sip their coffee or chocolate and feel little moments of pleasure, they will be thinking of you.

Coffee Island barista offering Christmas gift box

The most flavorful feelings

The love and the warmth that are contained inside the Gift Box arrive in form of aromatic hot beverages. Chocolate or Coffee, depending on the taste of your loved ones. Do they enjoy coffee every morning at home, on the go, or at the office?

Do they prefer enjoying their hot chocolate in the afternoon or at night under the covers, while watching their favorite movie? Our Gift Box can cover them all! 

Coffee Islands Christmas gift box and Jingle blend or Xmas Chocolate

Jingle Blend or XMAS Chocolate?

Two options to decide what you are going to give to your loved ones. Both come with a Christmas Mug which completes the ultimate XMAS home experience. Jingle Blend or XMAS Chocolate? An easy decision or a dilemma? Let us help you choose! 

Coffee Island's Jingle blend or Xmas Chocolate package

Jingle Blend Gift Box for coffee lovers

The most specialty seasonal coffee with an aromatic profile Honey – Nutmeg – Hazelnut, is reminiscent of melomakarono and the moments from our family home! From the moment you begin brewing it, it will make your kitchen “smell like Christmas”.

This Christmas blend’s name? Jingle Blend. Along with the Christmas mug, you will give beautiful moments to the lucky coffee fan recipient of your gift. They will enjoy their coffee at home, at the office or anywhere they please, while being surrounded by the holiday aromas of Jingle Blend.

Coffee Island's Christmas Gift Box

XMAS Chocolate Gift Box, because Christmas tastes like chocolate.

The most wonderful time of the year always begins with chocolate. What’s better than offering your loved ones, their favorite pleasure with…a twist? A sip of Salty Caramel is enough to release the ultimate in holiday flavors and aromas.

Coffee Island's Gift box and Christmas mug

Hot Chocolate in a Christmas Mug, cocooning under the blankets by the Christmas tree is definitely the holiday experience we all dream of. Let’s put aside the demanding pace of our daily life and enjoy the warmth of hot chocolate, under the glowing Christmas lights. That is how your loved ones will feel when they receive the Gift Box from you.

Coffee Island's git box places at a home barista.

Don’t forget…

The double Gift Boxes wrapped in a gold ribbon, will be at our stores until 6/1. Make this the warmest and most delicious gift ever for your loved ones.