Christmas has already arrived at Coffee Island. A festive vibe, beautiful X-MAS decorations, and Christmas beverages with aromas that will bring warmth even to the coldest days…. and, most of all …Christmas gifts.

Christmas star cookies by Coffee Island

This year, the gifts we have in store for you aren’t toys or dolls, but endless amounts of specialty coffee and infinite pleasure that will fill not only your Christmas days, but the whole year to come.

How are you’re going to win? By entering the special contest that we’ve prepared just for you!

Coffee Island barista holding Santa Christmas cup and milk

Christmas comes straight to your cup

Did you enjoy your Gingerbread Latte or Gingerbread Chocolate? Scan the QR on the X-MAS cup or go to, enter your e-mail address and enter the contest. Try every day; you may win that day’s coffee!

Just for you, Santa Claus will put on his barista apron and arrive a few weeks before Christmas! Santa will be with us every single day until Christmas. 

Happy woman holding her Coffee Island Santa Christmas cup

What’s in his bag?

Aromas and flavors are everywhere. Whether it’s coffee or lunch for 4, your friends or family will dine at one of the trendiest urban culinary destinations in Athens at Master Chef Leonidas Koutsopoulos’ Feedελ Restaurant.

A man and a woman happily enjoying their Coffee Island Christmas beverages

Guess what? The surprises don’t stop there. Three winners will win their coffee for the whole of 2020! That means that you will order your coffee from the espresso bar and you will enjoy it free of charge. Start this decade with coffee…in abundance!

Every single day, 50 of you are going to win – by ordering online – free coffee on the day they order it or any other day they choose.

Baristi woman with Christmas spirit holding a Coffee Island Christmas cup

Every year we draw inspiration and “invent” new ways to celebrate Christmas. The season’s warmth inspires us to upgrade your Christmas experience each year.

After all, coffee is with you everywhere: At home, work, and while you’re hanging out with friends or family.

So, why not at Christmas?  

Coffee Island's HOHOHO and Santa Christmas cups

Don’t forget…

Find out more at and on the site’s contest page. This Christmas, pleasure will continue on and on.