Generosity, love, warmth: This is Christmas. So, if gifts symbolize your generosity and the moments you share with family and friends symbolize your love, then coffee is the warmth you feel. That is why, at this time of the year, we create our specially created Christmas beverages.

Two baristi men holding Coffee Island Christmas cups

Our annual holiday tradition, straight from our “workshops”, Gingerbread Latte for coffee lovers and Gingerbread Chocolate for hot chocolate lovers, now in our stores. Two unique creations based on our love for Christmas and our passion for holiday beverages!

Coffee Island Christmas cup in the coffee machine

The magic taste of gingerbread…in your cup

What does it mean? It means your drink tastes like a ginger cookie! What can be more Christmassy? What can be more unique?

After lots of research, tasting different recipes and testing every little detail, our experts created two unique hot beverages: Gingerbread Latte and Gingerbread Chocolate.

Coffee Island hohoho Christmas cup

Our very own Christmas miracle

Every sip is an explosion of flavors. A warm vibe enhanced by warm color and an even warmer aroma. It may sound a bit odd, but  that’s what the taste of Gingerbread coffee or hot chocolate is like.

Here’s the chance to make your holidays even more special this year. Instead of your standard coffee or hot chocolate, start your day in a “gourmet” spirit.

You could look for the perfect Christmas gift or go shopping for the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit, or if you must, spend the last few days of the year at work, just as long as you are accompanied by your very favorite hot beverage.

Woman drinking coffee in a Coffee Island Christmas cup

Our childhood Christmas’ flavors

For these holidays, we were inspired by the memories of our childhood.

Melomakarona, cinnamon cookies, candies, the cozy atmosphere that filled our home and of course, our grandma’s unforgettable, homemade Christmas treats.

Nowadays, with jobs and families of our own our busy lives sometimes make it difficult to travel back to these days of joy and innocence.

So, we decided to bring back the flavor of Christmases past, in our own special way.

Santa and HOHOHO Coffee Island Christmas cups

Unique aroma for unique holidays

How about a special hot beverage spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, enriched with gingerbread syrup and ginger. But wait! This Christmas “miracle” isn’t complete without a final magic touch: dollops of whipped cream! 

Baristi woman offering coffee in a Coffee Island Christmas cup

Don’t forget…

Discover Gingerbread Latte and Gingerbread Chocolate at our shops’ espresso bar. And remember that warmth always comes from the inside.