At Coffee Island, we turn ourselves into little “elves” preparing feverishly for Christmas.

Christmas spirit at Coffee Island's production department

Our facilities may not be in Lapland and we are not preparing toys for gifts but still, from our base in Patra, we are preparing our X-mas Blends and all kinds of specials, contests and much more holiday stuff. It takes a lot of creative thought, inspiration and surely, a lot of work!

Discover how we bring Christmas at Coffee Island.  Have a small taste from the behind the scenes preparations we started way back in September in preparation for the holidays.

Christmas spirit at Coffee Island's marketing department

Everything starts inside the office

It’s not the average work space. In this space, amazingly a multitude of coffee lovers come together. And yes, we are these coffee lovers. It is kind of like a custom for us; we meet during this time of the year, with our papers, our notes and stuff, with one sole purpose: to bring delight once again, to you and your loved ones.

We thought hard and brainstormed on what you may want and what you may need for the Christmas season, and then we collectively put our thinking caps in order to produce flavorful ideas. How can we make a drink that is tailor made for you, how can we make you share it with all your loved ones, how can we create a warm and cozy vibe in our shops and many more that you need to see for yourself!  

Christmas spirit at Coffee Island's R&D department

Christmas in the package of a cup

The stars of this process are our R&D and production teams, respectively. In their “labs” they smell, taste, test and create little flavorful miracles.

Coffee Island's Christmas cups spilled on a table

Our “experts” prepare the testers for us to decide which ideas will finally end up in our shops. Meanwhile, we are making adjustments regarding the amount of the coffee or the chocolate and we dive into all the small but precious details that will make the difference.

Then, we move on to the production of all our favorite ideas.

Christmas spirit at Coffee Island's production department

We all work around clock

Our roastery is going non-stop as we step up production of the required amount of coffee that’s going to fill our shelves and our hearts as well, with its warmth.

Finally, Coffee Campus trains the baristi, teaching them everything they need to know about our new drinks and the story behind each of them, through the e-learning platform. Hence, our experts are always ready to answer every question on…

the unique Jingle Blend and the Christmas Beverages you enjoy at our Coffee Shop and Espresso Bar.

Coffee Island Christmas cup at Coffee Campus

From Coffee Island’s sleigh to your hands

Of course, we are talking about the online and offline activations that we prepare for you! Contests, Christmas photo sessions, and many gifts are about to land not only through your chimney but also in our shops and on your screens! 

Christmas spirit at Coffee Island's coffee campus

Put the coffee…under the tree

Give a gift to your loved ones to enhance their everyday lives. What’s that supposed to mean? Give them the ultimate gift box by Coffee Island and help them enjoy specialty coffee throughout the New Year raise their spirits as they face their everyday challenges. 

Where are you going to find it? At the gift corner, we are setting up as part of our shops’ Christmas makeover. 

Christmas cookie house at the marketing department

And don’t forget…

All the aforementioned are going to be in front of your very eyes when you visit one of our stores. Enjoy your drink, take your photos with the background of our holiday-decorated shop and share it with your friends. Because we all deserve to share this year’s Christmas with our loved ones.

Merry Christmas and… Jingle Blend!