From 2700 BC China to the tea bars of today and our modern-day cupboards, tea has found its way into our lives and our daily routine. From a therapeutic drink, tea has become an option that liberates our senses. Tea makers unite! The time has come for you to discover all your choices. 

But let’s start from the very beginning…

What is tea?

A drink that comes from the extraction of the young leaves of the Camelia sinensis plant, i.e. the tea plant. In other words, it is a 100% plant-based drink, completely natural with various important, wholesome qualities.


Following its traces

The beginning of the journey couldn’t be anywhere else but China. According to the legend, since 2700 BC and for a whole millennium afterwards, the Chinese considered tea as a therapeutic drink. They used it to cure diseases and availed themselves of all the beneficial ingredients of tea.

The breakthrough came during the the 3rd century AD, when the farming and processing of the tea leaves began, making tea an integral part of people’s daily lives. Sometime between the end of the 19th century to the early 20th, tea had already conquered Asia, Africa, North America, even Australia! 

A woman enjoying her ginger blend tea from Coffee Island

Your own personal cup of tea.

From the aromas it releases when you brew it, to the first sip that warms you while keeping you company, tea is the perfectly balanced beverage. Tea can give you a boost or calm you, depending on what you need on any given day. By no means, is this just a drink for “chilling out”.

 We know that the brewing of a cup of tea is something you enjoy on a daily basis. The boiling, extraction, aroma and flavor are parts of the whole ritual of tea drinking. Drinking tea is an important part of your daily life, because it affects nutrition, energy and well-being. Choose the particular tea by Coffee Island that meets your needs! 

A man and a woman discussing while enjoying their tea from Coffee Island.

Tea and nutrition

The drink that supports the foundation of a fit and healthy lifestyle is tea! It revitalizes your body’s functions by removing toxins and providing a feeling of lightness as well. Choose Green Tea and allow its wholesome qualities to bring out the best in your body.  

Tea and energy

Keep your energy high! Stay lively even during an overly demanding day. Fulfill what you must during the day, but keep your spirits and mood up to go to the gym, enjoy your hobbies or enjoy quality time with your family. Choose between English Breakfast Tea and Earl Gray, because black tea is the perfect all-time classic option that will give you a boost. 

Tea and delight

Home, work, hanging out. Wherever you choose to “live in the moment” and chill, tea can be your perfect company. How? It brings you closer to yourself and to others as well, it calms you down and balances you after an exhausting day. Ginger or cinnamon? You decide. You can enjoy peace and calmness with your favorite flavor, by choosing between Ginger Blend and Cinnamon Spicy.

A man drinking tea in a reusable cup from Coffee Island

Pick a color, choose a flavor and create!

At our Coffee Shop, each tea has its own particular color. Each tea has a flavor which inspired us to give each variety a distinct color identity in order to provide a holistic, flavorful and aromatic experience.

Purple for Earl Gray Fine Tea. The color of the spirit meets the tea with a natural aroma of bergamot to revitalize the body and the mind,.

Orange for the Cinnamon Spicy Fine Herbal Tea. Its main ingredient, sweet cinnamon, with its distinct color and the aroma, make this tea a must taste for spicy flavor enthusiasts.

Yellow for the Ginger Blend Fine Herbal Tea. Main ingredient? Ginger that brings a cozy lemon flavor. You have to taste it if you really want to feel the total explosion of aromas and flavors. 

Red for the English Breakfast Fine Tea. A lively color for a tea that provides a boost with a classical flavor of top-quality black tea.

Green, (naturally) for Green Tea Fine Tea. The ritual of delight meets the highly antioxidant and nutritious green tea.  

A woman writing in her notepad while enjoying her tea in a reusable cup from Coffee Island

Don’t forget…

Discover tea to its fullest, at our Coffee Shop and create your own drink at home. 

Lose yourself in the aromas that will flood your kitchen, offering you harmony and strength.